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The router helps people to spread the single internet connection to Wi-Fi or wireless. You can use same internet connection with multiple devices and you can do this for the blessing of the router. Now most of the smartphone, tablet PC and laptop have the Wi-Fi feature which is good for all of use. Through the Wi-Fi, you can use internet in many devices in the same time. Many people use Wi-Fi internet. Because it is cheap and it can be used in multiple device without any problem. That is why, internet has become available in public places. You can enable your home or office Wi-Fi easily by the router.
A router is now very cheap price product. You can order this product online very easily. Different people use different types of routers according to their demand and you have to know about your demand before purchasing the router. You should know size of the area where you want to use the Wi-Fi and you need to guess that how many devices will use your Wi-Fi or Wireless internet connection. After reading the router review, you should buy a router that you need for your demand. You must be happy if you buy a router from popular brand router. Many routers and networking devices use default IP address
If you bought the router, then you should bring out the device and check it. You have to bring out some important things like username and password. The default IP address is a main thing which you are going to use now and later. For logion to the router control, you need to use the default IP address along with you have to use username and password but there are many works where you need to use the default IP address only for other works. You need the default IP address for checking the connection status between the router and computer. You have to change the IP address when you face IP address confliction problem.
This is very important to solve the IP address confliction problem otherwise you cannot use internet. The IP address confliction appears from the devices when the same IP address is set in many devices in the same network. You should change the IP addresses from the routers and modems for solving the IP address confliction problem. This is very important thing to change the default IP address for making the device activated for using internet. You have to know the way to change the IP address.
When you need to change the default IP address, then you need to sure about the IP address class. Major routers use default IP address from Class C and 192.168 is the sign of the IP address class. There are many types of IP addresses from different classes. So, you cannot change the IP address from the front side of the IP address. You have to keep the IP address same from the first two parts. You can change the IP address from the backside.
The IP address has last two parts from the back side which is indicated as X of 192.168.X.X. In the place of X, you can change X and put the number from 0 to 255. You can setup any number in the IP address as or or anything. Remember that you cannot put any number beyond the 255 or less than 0. You should be careful all about this. There are some mistakes which you may do and this is why, you should know all about those. Read the next paragraph to know all of the things which can break the rules of the IP address building.
According to the IP address building rules, all of the contents should be numbers and you can use dots in the IP address for making the IP address parts. You cannot use anything else in the IP address like letter and word. You cannot put space and symbol in the IP address. If you do so, then the IP address does not work. You cannot set up more or less dost in the IP address. Because if you do then the IP address will be invalid and it will be useless.
For your router, you have to use the default IP address if you have not change the IP address manually. With the IP address, you can check the connectivity of the computer and router. With the ping command, you have to setup the IP address like “ping” or “ping -t”. These commands are useful and you need to use command for checking connectivity with the router and computer. So, it is easy to identify the router problem from the computer through the IP address by the ping command. This is very easy way. You need to open command prompt page from the start menu of the computer.
Now You have to think of the internet settings and you can do this when you log in to the router control panel. Now you need to find out the default IP address from the control panel and type the IP address what you wanted to setup or manual IP address. The IP address should be in correct format. Otherwise, the router does not let you save or you will get message from the router before or on the saving time. If you get any error massage from the router, then you should check the IP address.
You may need the same default information any time and this is why, you should keep the default information for later use. The default IP address,, default username and password, you need if you just reset the router. Then you cannot login to the router with manual information. You have to use the default information for login to the device. If you forget login detail for login to the router, then you have to reset the router, then all of the settings and manual data will be removed.
You have to be smart for using the router and Wi-Fi and this smartness will come from the router manual and this article. You can use other websites and blog where you will get sufficient information about the IP address, router information, Wi-Fi detail. You can use YouTube.com for getting video instruction. You will not any better website than the router manual where you will get many information and this article also help users to understand everything. You will not get any more information from other blogs and websites. You will enjoy all of the instruction from the router.